A US Army Captain's recollection of two tours surviving and dying the Republic of South Viet Nam.  1st Cavalry Division Jan 8, 1967 - Jan 7, 1968 - (Airmobile)  An Khe. Americal Division, April 14, 1969, - March 29, 1970 Chu Lai​.

​​   It was plain to me that militarily we would not, could not win this war.  Ergo, why the fuck should I die or let my men be killed for stupid shit?  This my was mission, Stay alive, keep your men alive.  The rest is bull shit and don't  mean nothin.

​"Let me be plain about my cheap ass life in return for profit.  I will barely agree that defending one's country from attack may warrant military force and its citizens holding  the rifle.  I risked my life for an "ism" which translated into handsome profits for the pigs in the trough.  My patriotism was strong before entering the army"

​ Two  Tours


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Do you think history books are about the past?.

"Back then thanks for banging on our concussed heads with war guilt, of all damn things. You baby killers know what I am talking about.  Perhaps 700,000 veterans suffered psychological trauma. All veterans are disabled.  All wars are bankers wars."

                           Steven M Schopp

Author, photographer, boat driver/water skier, rock & roll drummer, historian, short order cook, all-around-cool-dude, bar owner,  house painter, busboy, homeless,  house restoration, cabinet maker, stay at home dad.

​​​      War

I must have been a fool

To go to that war

But I'm a greater fool 

To be fighting it still.

       den. 7. April 1974 Milano