The enemy

Viet Nam Cong Hoa

​"History books record numbers of communists killed by American forces in Viet Nam.  Maybe.  But also such unmitigated bullshit.  We killed rice farmers who had no quarrel with us."

When you look in the mirror

and see a stranger

the world has no meaning.

den 23. Apr 1974


Gated Neighborhood

I treasure a photo of Kim Lon wearing an Ao Dai I bought for her in Saigon.

'"We were the foreigners, the invaders,  killers by day and night with bombs and more bombs and artillery and machine guns, hand grenades, mortar rounds and bang bang anything any had.  Way too many times I felt like the blue US Cavalry out west massacring Indians."

Two Tours 

"We, Uncle Sam, had spent thousands for wood, sand bags, fence poles, diesel generators, wire, mines, Claymores, and so 0n but were unable  to defend against a naked man in a loin cloth armed with wire cutters and a bag of boom"

Xin  Loi



​"I am the face of war.  You let me go." p207

           Our Time

Our time is when we found it.

I remember you, when you were you

    and I saw it.

den 24. Feb. 1974


​"My last moments with her allowed me to feel sorrow for all which had happened to her land."