continued to go against the Viet Cong they resorted to ever more desperate measures to inflict damage on the invulnerable American soldiers armed with magic bullets that glowed red when fired.  In the most egregious use of human civilians against US Forces, the VC forced this young couple to pose as an American Captain and his wife with their young child attempting to enter the gate at LZ Gator.  Their evil plan came very close to succeeding except for one small fact even the wily VC couldn’t have known for sure, American Captains in Viet Nam could Not bring their wives with them.  What luck the ever-alert Gate Guard knew this and promptly called for backup.  

This story is, of course, sarcasm, like the bicycle spoof.  Fake News or Who Knew?

   The Late show

The killer label

    I handle

    at best


Tho' kill I have

    at random

    at best


And kill I can

    reminds me

    at last


                  den .9 Jan. 1982

                  Ft Lauderdale

                  Buch Anfang

                    Having Heard

                    Once Repeated

What made this plot so sinister is the cleverly disguised 25 Kilo Bomb the “Captain” is carrying, ready to plant in the camp for a timed detonation and to make their escape. This very life like doll/bomb was made in prisoner tunnels hidden in the landscape among the lovely coconut trees.  Danger everywhere.​

   I did, and I did

There are depths 

          to pain

I never new - couldn't.

There are heights

          to explain

I climbed - and shouldn't.

There are debts

         to pay

I owe - won't.

There are pets 

          to play

I had - but didn't

There are wars to

         to fight

I never saw - missed.

There are bars

          and fights

I left - pissed.

There are soldiers

          I killed

I did,  and I did.

There are many things

          I did

     and shouldn't.

     I did, but I did 

          cause I couldn't

               cause I shouldn't


Nobody showed me

          the path

I found it and lost.

     The cost - fool

               who pays.

den 23. Ma"rz 1980


Poetry courtesy of Steven M Schopp

All Rights Reserved

Game time!

       Find six mortar tails

Poetry - of a sort

             Get It

Racing through space

in a madly timed race

to a goal unknown

toward a God unfound

we sell our souls

for buyable goals

while overlooking our sins

that let us in

to a crazier world

of a flag unfurled

where patriotism is king

and plenty of money

is the thing.

den 28. Okt. 1974


​Having Heard,

Once Repeated

Time'n a war

(Time, in a war)

Start early, use surprise,

(or sunrise)

and go like hell before breakfast.

Start late, stay late

(use power)

and go like hell before dark.

Shoot first, shoot last

(yeh-yay-ya, last)

and be around for sunrise.

Stand to, early too,


and make it through the day.

Starve much, suffer more

(or die)

and go (to) like hell before it.

den 5. Jan. 1981


Buch Anfang

As the war

Recondo School, 1967 1LT Schopp center