Newly declassified photo shows the CPT operating a drone helicopter in-country.  (satire)

Dustoff, Medevac

Captain Schopp CO Bravo Co, 5/46 Bn

Yes, that is me.

   "Presently we have learned to understand from Orwell in the age of the NFL, that a successfully branded name is worth gold. The names the screaming fans yell in the orchestrated Moments of Hate.  Here is a good one to yell: Terrorist."  p77

Inside this VC bicycle were found 6 RPG's and one .51 cal machine gun, two flares and a flat screen.

Down the rabbit hole

I, for one, could get over that sick hatred next day or so. Some guys did not, could not and - it sure as hell ain't their fault - will not ever get over it.  An arm chair psychologist like me can see why these returning vets had only short straws to pick from."

  ​​"One of my life long pleasures has been the hours I've    spent cruising in a Huey twelve - fifteen hundred feet off   the ground.  Air is cooler for one thing.  A real breath of   fresh air those at home  watching the Evening News didn't   guess. And the view is magnificent.  So interesting to see  details from that height.  So deadly when you misread the  details." p 96

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LZ Gator, looking east, Bravo Company, center left.

"They indicate to me that we are taking incoming  but all things considered, it isn't important. I have a delightful sense of security and power, riding up there and chewing the ground below." p 106 from description of Gunship run .

   "Back to the M18 Smoke grenades, ...which are keeping this massive attack on the enemy from being a goddamn disaster if the bombs and napalm hit our guys. Keep in mind units were surrounding units, from the air - swirling circlets of smoke, which meant - hit outside   one but not inside the next in this scary game of I dare you." p 70

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